Sheep Detective

Abschlussprojekt 2019 im MA Serial Storytelling der ifs internationale filmschule köln
von Michel Kiwic 

Genre: Animated Neon-Noir Crime Comedy
Format: 8 x 23 minutes

»Your kid’s favourite fairy tales without a »happily ever after«.«

With the help of the three little pigs, a cynical and emotionally shattered private detective solves crime cases in the world of fairy tales, his mendacious opponent constantly getting in his way – trying to blow down their homes or putting the only woman Bruce has ever had feelings for in a deep sleep with a poisoned apple.


Bruce White is your typical outsider. A black sheep. Literally. He is a black sheep. A cynical private detective who solves cases – in a world of fairy tales.
Bruce has a particularly lonely past. Since he is the only black sheep in his family, his fleece is considered worthless. This gets him separated from his flock early on and makes him the perfect prey for Fletcher, the local grim and ruthless wolf. Luckily, Bruce manages to hide in a shabby old shack in the forest, where he protects himself from this ominous opponent. Through tough physical and psychological train­ing, he transforms from a perfect survivor into a threatening predator himself. When the time is right, Bruce packs his belongings, moves to the city, and starts his own investiga­tive agency – in the same town, where Fletcher has become a notorious cartel boss.
In this Brothers Grimm fairy tale world, Bruce’s clients in­clude a peculiar set of people: there’s a prince, who has lost his true love, and the only clue he’s got is a sparkling shoe. Or there is a little girl in a red dress coming into Bruce’s office, telling him that her grandmother suddenly changed
quite a bit.
While Bruce is his clients’ last hope, Fletcher as well as Bruce’s own social and emotional disabilities tend to get in the way. However, the three little pigs – Bruce’s only friends – not only help him solve the cases, but they also show him how to become a better version of himself. Bruce’s cases rarely go as expected, and even though he manages to solve them somehow, he never gets what he truly desires. Maybe, one day, Bruce will even find the courage to show his feel­ings for the cute waitress working in his favorite bar.

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