The Resurrectionists

Collaboratives Projekt 2017 im MA Serial Storytelling der ifs internationale filmschule köln
von Paula Bateman, Eric Bitencourt, Daniel Chaves Gómez, Ugne Pikutyte 

»Lock your coffins.«


The story of »The Resurrectionists« is set in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1828. At the time, the city of Edinburgh was famous for its Medical School which attracted Britain’s best and brightest, such as Charles Darwin. As the fascination with physiology and anatomy grew, the school needed a regular supply of bodies. Legally, only hanged criminals could be used in dissection, so a black market for fresh bodies quickly emerged. Bodysnatchers – also known as »Resurrectionists« or »Resurrection Men« – would dig up newly buried bodies and sell them to the medical school. This practice became so vicious, that relatives and friends of the deceased would install metal frames in order to protect the graves or simply stand guard at the kirkyards.

Disturbing the dead did not pass without consequences. The city became haunted by thousands of ghosts, who lurked in people’s homes, basements, dark alleyways, and parks around Edinburgh. Some were more terrifying than others, but one stood out above all: Bloody MacKenzie.

In order to solve the mysteries surrounding the hauntings and confront Bloody MacKenzie, players take the place of a gravedigger, an academic, an exorcist, and a medium. »The Resurrectionists« is designed as an expansion to the T.I.M.E Stories base game, a storytelling adventure board game designed to be played once with up to 4 people.

Daniel Chaves Gómez