State of the Art

The ifs has excellent technical equipment that enables students to implement their creative ideas on a high technical level. This is oriented on current industry standards and professional production requirements. Our technology committee regularly evaluates current technical developments with regard to teaching and plans medium- and long-term acquisitions on this basis.
The ifs technical inventory is thus constantly updated and expanded.
Every student can fully benefit from the high-quality technical equipment.

Dolby Atmos movie theatre / Auditorium

The movie theater and multifunctional auditorium, which the ifs operates together with the Cologne Game Lab of the TH Köln, has an area of 200 square meters and is equipped with 160 comfortable seats.
Attached is a cinema foyer with lounge facilities, counter area, and three large program displays.
"Multifunctional" really applies here: the movie theater/auditorium is equipped with a Dolby Atmos Studio licensed cinema mix and cinema DCP projection with a 9m x 3.85m screen. It has a video control room for recordings, an interpreter booth for live translations, a sound and lighting system, and a lectern with laptop connections and multimedia control.
The auditorium can thus be used for lectures, panels and conferences, screenings, and cinema mixes.

Studio & Workshop

The studio of the ifs with a size of 300 square meters is equipped with a motorized truss system, possibilities for green screen recordings, and sufficient electrical connection possibilities up to 64A. This means that even larger scenic projects can be realized and lit in every conceivable way.
Directly connected to the studio is the comprehensively equipped production design workshop, which is professionally supervised by a workshop manager - also with regard to work safety. The workshop manager also advises students on the technical implementation of their projects. A spacious material storage area is located adjacent to the workshop. Short distances make it possible to work quickly.

Film equipment rental

The film equipment rental at the ifs consists of camera storage, light storage, camera test room, and a technology lock for contactless pick-up and return even outside opening hours.
The selection of available equipment is extremely extensive; students have every opportunity to rent suitable equipment that meets professional standards.
The staff of the technology disposition not only organize the rental and maintenance of the equipment, but are also happy to help with planning and compilation - and, where necessary, give instruction in the operation and use of the equipment to be rented.


The post-production rooms enable all steps of film and TV production in-house and on a professional level. Here, the technology department supervises all areas in all steps and accompanies the students in all technical questions during their creative work.
All computer workstations are connected to a central shared storage system with 512 terabytes of storage capacity and backed up by an LTO library. This means that all projects and material are available at all workstations. This means the greatest possible flexibility in the allocation of workstations.
The ifs has 8 editing suites for picture and sound, which are usually shared by two students. The editing suites are equipped to industry standards with professional audio and video software on Apple systems, a preview monitor, two work screens, and 3.0 audio monitoring.
The workspaces described below can also be used as standard editing suites.
For foley and music recording, students have access to a 50-square-meter recording room with an attached 26-square-meter control room.
The auditorium/movie theater of the ifs is also a high-quality cinema mixing facility officially licensed and calibrated by Dolby. Here, students' films can be mixed in Dolby ATMOS 7.1 and 5.1. A fully powered Avid S6 console can be installed for this purpose.
Beyond the normal equipment of the standard editing rooms, these suites have an immersive 7.1.4 audio system and the Dolby Atmos Production Suite. Suite 1, which is larger than 52 square meters, also has a projector and cinema seats for small screenings and group classes.
The ifs has two color grading suites.
Suite 1 allows for professional cinema grading in the DCI-P3 color space and Rec 709 and is equipped with a projector, Class A monitor with an HDR-OLED TV and a 7.1.2 surround system. With 42 square meters, it is also suitable for group classes.
Suite 2 is equipped as HDR /Rec 709 TV color correction.
These computers are also connected to the shared storage system.

VFX & Animation

Each student in the VFX & Animation Study Program has his or her own workspace. The two VFX seminar rooms are each equipped with 12 workstations including a beamer, an instructor's computer as well as an 86 inch flat screen and an audio system.
Two professional 3D printers and two render farms are assigned to the rooms.
These computers are also connected to the shared storage system, as described under post-production.
Located in the technology office, this is where e.g. motion capture suit, 360 degree cameras, VR glasses, projectors, tablets, cables/adapters and the like can be borrowed for student work. This is constantly being expanded and adapted to current needs.

Seminar rooms

All seminar rooms have connection facilities for laptops and audio equipment, as well as a beamer and an audio system.
This is equipped with 10 iMac workstations and instructor's iMac as well as a beamer. The workstations can be used by all students outside of class. Professional video editing software is also installed here in addition to Microsoft Office products. The computers are connected to the shared storage system as described under post-production.
10 iMac workstations are available here for the students and their creative work. These computers are also connected to the shared storage system as described under post-production.
This has 10 iMac workstations and an instructor editing station including a projector - for classes in software use. The workstations can be used by all students outside of class.

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