In the beginning, there is a blinking cursor and a vision: A screenplay is a dream waiting to become a movie.

Writing a screenplay means dealing very consciously with the world and getting to the bottom of it in stories. But screenwriters should always be aware that their stories and films not only describe the world, but can also influence and change it.

In the specialisation in “Screenwriting” of the Bachelor's Programme Film, students learn to tell relevant stories using images and dramaturgical scene sequences, to develop believable characters, and to write convincing dialogues – for short films as well as for series and feature-length films.

Through project work, teamwork skills are fostered and a solid basic understanding of all aspects of filmmaking is provided. The programme provides an overview of market requirements and trends and offers valuable industry contacts.

Since the Bachelor's ProgramME Film is a German-language programme, please find all further information on the German-language page.

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