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The MA Film is aimed at young filmmakers from audiovisual creative fields (including directing, production, cinematography, editing, sound design, screenwriting, production design).
The guiding principle of the program is the creative filmmaker who develops new forms of film language expression and innovative formats with a pronounced team spirit as well as an interest in co-creative working methods, artistic and creative research, and socially relevant topics.

Key areas

  • co-creative work in theory and practice
  • expansion of expertise within and beyond one's own field of specialization
  • discussion of issues of aesthetics and representation, of contemporary filmmaking and social-cultural topics (Critical Studies)
  • in-depth knowledge of distribution methods for audiovisual productions, analysis and testing of forward-looking tendencies in these areas (e.g. Audience Studies)

The Master's Program refines students' film language through creativity-oriented, co-creative training and strengthens their position in the industry through industry connections and networking.


Since the MAster's Program Film is a German-language programme, please find all further information on the German-language page.

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