The European Showrunner Programme (ESP) aims at establishing the showrunner position in Europe. 

It is truly unique in its content and scope and consists of two elements:

European Showrunner Training ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln
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European Showrunner Training

A part-time training and mentoring programme designed for experienced European series writers offering comprehensive insights and key skills for showrunners in Europe

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European Showrunner Think Tanks

A series of industry panels providing a platform for exchange and discussion to further develop, define and eventually establish the showrunner approach in Europe

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News from the European Showrunner Programme

When I became a showrunner for the first time, I expected the job to be more-or-less like that of an episode writer – only with more power. I was in for a big surprise. Leading the writers’ room is not just about writing, and outside the room a whole new range of disciplines awaits. Being a showrunner is a highly complex job. This course wants to equip European showrunners with the skills needed not just to create their series, but to properly run their show.

Jeppe Gjervig Gram

Writer »Borgen«, Creator/Showrunner »Follow the Money«
Head of Programme

Jeppe Gjervig Gram
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The European Showrunner Programme is a much needed initiative addressing a pressing issue which will benefit both individual writers and the European series industry significantly.

Carolin Otto

President of the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (FSE)

Carolin Otto
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Roundup 2023

European Showrunner Programme 2023

We have sucessfully completed the second edition of the European Showrunner Programme!

Please find our Round-up 2023-broschure below (downloadable as PDF) featuring a summary of the European Showrunner Training as well as the European Showrunner Think Tanks.


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