Alessio Federico

Alessio Federico

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ALESSIO FEDERICO - I was born in 1993 in Rüsselsheim, Hesse. Since my youth I had a great love for cinema and film. I used to watch the most bizarre westerns in the third programs in the middle of the night, and when in doubt I would go alone to the Palatin in Mainz, my favorite movie theater. After graduating from school, I first studied in Passau and completed my bachelor's degree in Governance & Public Policy, majoring in Sociology as well as Media & Communication.

The desire grew and grew not only to watch films, but to become part of the industry myself. So during my undergraduate studies I already completed an internship at the film distributor Alamode in Munich and after my studies another one at HessenFilm und Medien, the Hessian film funding agency. After that, I worked at Harmonie Kino in Frankfurt until 2019.

In 2019, I started my second degree in screenwriting at ifs. Immediately after moving to Cologne, I became a part-time employee at the Cologne cinemas Off Broadway and Weisshaus, where I still work today. During my studies, I was able to become part of various productions not only as a writer, but also as a director and in production positions, for example as a set recording manager. In 2023, I finished my studies with ALS WÄR'S DAS LETZTE MAL, my graduation script, which I developed in collaboration with a fellow student from the creative production department, Philip Malewicz.

When it comes to screenwriting, I prefer to try my hand at character dramas, which also like to make use of elements from thrillers, horror, and even romance. I take great pleasure in pushing characters to and beyond their limits. Here they have to prove their values, not just assert them. They should make you think. But above all, they should also be fun. And they are also allowed to make us laugh sometimes!

Further projects

Screenwriting / Directing

2022 | Short Film | 13 min.| Production: Lukas Kleimt


2022 | Short Film | 3 min. | Production: Lukas Kleimt

Dramaturgical consulting

Ich weiß es

2020 | Short Film | 15 min.

Showcase ifs films and screenplays

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