Ivan Kolesov
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Ivan Kolesov

BA Film | Editing Picture & Sound


Editing and Sound Design (a. o. THEN RATHER DIE)



IVAN KOLESOV born in Russia I Moved to Germany in 2001 I Started shooting and editing BMX and skate clips during school time I Been traveling after graduating from high school in 2014 until 2015 I End of 2015 founded the collective "minha galera" I From 2015 production of various music videos as a DoP and editor, as well as planning and realisation of various cultural events I Parallel to collective work gained set experience in student film projects I 2018 founded the "minha galera e.V." I Studied Editing Picture & Sound at ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln from 2019 until 2023.

Filmography (Selection)

ifs Projects

Set Sound Engineer / Editing / Sound Design / Mixing

Idea, DoP, Photographs, Voice Over, Editing, Sound Design

Set Sound Engineer / Editing / Sound Design


2021 | Short Film


2020 | Short Film | 5 min.

Editing / Sound Design / Mixing

Nur eine Idee

2021 | Short Film | 12 min.

Directing / Editing / Sound Design

2022 | Short Film | 7 min.

Showcase ifs films