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Jakob Erdelen

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JAKOB ERDELEN born 1993 in Wermelskirchen, grew up in Leichlingen | high school graduation 2013 | 2013- 2014 studies of East Asian Studies/Japanology in Heidelberg | 2014-2015 federal voluntary service in the technical department of the Pilgerheim Weltersbach | 2015-2018 BA Film "Screenwriting" at ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln | Parallel to his studies he wrote the fantasy novel cycle »Salveria« and finished the manuscript in summer 2018 ifs projects

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2018 | Fantasy Novel Cycle

As an author, I would like to do my part to constantly look into the gray veil between good and evil, which we in our society unfortunately too often hide in favor of clumsy images of the enemy. After all, it is the core of the human being that needs to be fathomed and not its prejudices. The highest demand I place on myself when writing is the uncompromising illumination of moral gray areas. From high fantasy to modern coming-of-age dramas to thrillers, you won't find evil orcs and good elves, perfect detectives and diabolical serial killers in my work. Instead, I create characters with individual ideals, all of whom claim comprehensible reasons for themselves and constantly challenge the reader to think about why he or she sympathizes with certain characters and not others, even though their motives are no less comprehensible.

Jakob Erdelen

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