Keyan Abdollahi

Keyan Abdollahi

BA Film | Screenwriting



KEYAN ABDOLLAHI, born and raised in Bonn, played soccer, drew, first passion for movies gained through »Lord of the Rings«. In 2016, graduated from high school and completed an internship in architecture. Developed an interest in digital film editing through self-made short films and worked in various fields to travel and get inspired before studying. Studying at the ifs since 2021.

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Still »Bakthak«
© Kendys Ortega, Narina Allakhverdian, Nicole Mynarek and Sina Rezaeinejad
Still »Pulse of Fear«
© Gamze Sunar, Mahdieh Tabatabaei, Megana Veda Sai, Rebeca Barona, and Tetiana Fuks
Mycelium, Zaytouneh Seul Quandeel Agnihotri, MA 3D Animation for Film & Games, ifs Filmschule Köln
© Muhammad-Tarek Zaytouneh, David Seul, Omar Quandeel, Utkarsh Agnihotri