Lea Albring

MA Serial Storytelling



LEA ALBRING, grew up in Borken, Germany, and studied German Literature (master's degree) at HU Berlin, mentored by Roger Willemsen. She then moved to Cologne for a journalism internship, which included stints at Tagesspiegel and Correctiv. This was followed by two years as a freelance journalist, during which she spent 24 hours in a squat for Vice, interviewing pimps and inquiring about homeless people’s survival on the streets. After a brief stint as a PR editor, she made a career transition to become a screenwriter for the soap opera »Köln 50667«, for which she has written over 70 scripts. Recently, she served as the co-head writer and managing editor for the YouTube series »Komma klar«, commissioned by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education. This series is an educational spin-off of »Köln 50667«. In this role, she also made her debut as a director. Apart from writing, she enjoys punk and techno music.