Foto Leif Rumbke

Leif Rumbke


Senior Software Developer


Leif Rumbkes (*1974) biography was heavily affected by the golden age of home computers during the 80s. He started programming at the age of 11 and started selling self produced computer games three years later. Around 1994 he began to do professional design and art jobs in the games industry and joined Playstation game development on a worldwide distribution level in 1996.
In the new millennium he turned to the realization of training and presentation systems for different classic industries.  
Since around 2015 until today he focusses the development of software for different disciplines of machine engineering, maintenance and marketing.
Leif is working as a freelance developer since 1996. He participated in the realization of more than 200 software projects for more than 50 clients, performing in areas like design, 3D art, music, programming, architecture, concept and technical consulting.  
From time to time he is giving lectures, workshops and trainings in some of these fields with an emphasis on creativity and media theory.
In 2006 Leif earned a diploma in „audiovisual media“ at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne with a degree of 1.0 and a distinction for excellent performance. His game-related works were shown in more than 20 international art exhibitions.