Malte Hafner

Malte Hafner

BA Film | Director of Photography


DoP (a. o. LABEL ME)



MALTE HAFNER born 1990 in Berlin | 2010 Abitur | Afterwards part-time jobs and internships in production and lighting, collaboration on various productions at the dffb | 2012 year abroad in New Zealand | 2013-2014 participation in the "8,5 Month Course" in Ebeltoft, Denmark, specialising in DoP, directing and editing | Inspired by directors such as Bela Tarr, Andrei Tarkovsky, Federico Fellini, Wes Anderson, Thomas Vinterberg, Wong Kar-Wai, Chen Kaige and cinematographers such as Charlotte Bruus, Christian Berger, Ben Richardson, Gerry Floyd, Anthony Dod Mantle et al. a. 2015-2018 BA Film "Director of Photography" at ifs

Further Projects


pink maschina

2014 | Feature Film | 15 min.


2013 | Documentary Film | 8 min.

Images are shaping our everyday lives more than ever. Filmmaking has become fashionable through YouTube, and our technical toolbox is more complex than ever. But a culture of eye candy has developed through the new video platforms, shaping our viewing habits and threatening to dull our sensitivity to subtle and meaningful visual languages. I think as filmmakers it is our responsibility to use our toolbox more consciously and to take advantage of today's great potential in technology and networking. The ifs professor and cinematographer David Slama once said, 'I am silent.' Meanwhile, I would say the same about myself, because in my eyes, every story needs its own visual approach.

Malte Hafner

Alumnus & DoP

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