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Prof. Magnus Vattrodt

Professor Screenplay / Dramaturgy


Professor Screenplay / Dramaturgy


Screenwriter a.o. DIE WANNSEEKONFERENZ (Civis Media Award, German Television Award – Best Screenplay, Romy – Best Screenplay TV), EIN GROSSER AUFBRUCH (German Television Award – Best Screenplay, Screenplay Award of the German Academy for Television)

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Magnus Vattrodt was born in Karlsruhe in 1972, studied theater at the University of Giessen and completed the writer's programme at the ifs International Film School in Cologne. As a screenwriter, he is responsible for several Tatort episodes, among others, as well as many award-winning television productions that have been invited to festivals in Germany and abroad, including a number of films directed by Matti Geschonneck. Magnus Vattrodt lives with his family in Cologne.


Screenplay (Selection)

2022  Die Bürgermeisterin

2021  Die Wannseekonferenz

Civis Media Award
German Television Award "Best Screenplay"
German Television Award "Best TV Movie"
Romy "Best Screenplay TV"
Romy "Best Television Film"
Gold World Medal, New York Festival
"Best Film", Filmfestival Barcelona-Sant Jordi

2020  Tatort: Limbus

Jupiter Award

2020  Unterleuten – Das zerrissene Dorf

2019  Tatort: Für immer und dich

Television Film Award Television FilmFestival Baden-Baden

2017  Südstadt

2015  Ein Kommissar kehrt zurück

2015  Ein großer Aufbruch

Student Award, Baden-Baden Television Film Festival
German Television Award, "Best Screenplay"
German Television Award, "Best Television Film"
Golden Camera, "Best Television Film"
Screenplay Award of the German Academy for Television

2014  Das Zeugenhaus

German Television Award, "Best Screenplay
Rocky Award, Banff World Media Festival

2014  Helen Dorn: Unter Kontrolle

2014  Helen Dorn: Das dritte Mädchen

2013  Tod einer Polizistin

2012  Das Ende einer Nacht

Grimme Award
Golden Camera
Hamburg Crime Award
German Television Award "Best Television Film"

2012  Tatort: Der traurige König

Audience Award Television Crime Festival Wiesbaden

2011  Liebesjahre

Golden Camera, "Best Television Film"
Grimme Award
Screenplay Award of the German Academy of Performing Arts

2011  Tatort: Herrenabend

2010  Tatort: Die Heilige

2009  Tatort: Wir sind die Guten

2009  Tatort: Tempelräuber

2006  Tatort: Das verlorene Kind

2006  Der Novembermann

Film Art Award for Television


2000  Managuaspiele

Radio Play

2006  Der Novembermann


2017  Ein großer Aufbruch

Dramatic writing is a complex craft. There is the great loneliness in front of the white and the hectic teamwork of an ongoing production. We writers need permeability to be able to grasp the world in its nuances and contradictions - and at the same time a thick and at the same time a thick skin to survive in the daily "business". Our ideas need free space, but our scripts need structure. Sometimes it takes a lot of words - often it takes none. It always needs discipline. Cinematic writing combines madness and method, and I'm looking forward to learning more about what writing is all about, together with the students at the ifs.

Magnus Vattrodt

Professor Screenplay / Dramaturgy