Sanja Kovačević

Sanja Kovačević

European Showrunner Programme


Writer | »Good Intentions«, »Ours & Yours«



Truths and Lies (season 1) | 2017

Series | Serbia | Script Supervisor & Head Editor

Good Intentions | 2007

Series | Croatia | Head Writer & Creative Producer

Forbidden Love | 2005

Series | Croatia | Head Editor

Ours & Yours (season 2) | 2002

Series | Croatia | Co-Writer & Head Editor

»I’m interested in finding real-life substance in entertainment TV. I want to motivate people to take a more active role in their lives, both behind and in front of the screens. In cooperation with others, I find inspiration to overcome difficulties of TV productions. I try to inspire them with my own efforts to leave their comfort zones. I’m interested in bringing out more truthful ideas, instead of derivative ones, and in shaping them into forms that can challenge people to reassess their prejudices about human nature and the way society works – through bold stories even tackling taboos.«

Sanja Kovačević