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Sigrid Andersson


Film coach, director, actress


Sigrid Andersson studied acting and directing , after which she trained as a film coach through George Shdanoff, Los Angeles. In 1988, however, the profession of film coach was not recognised at all in Germany, which is why she initially continued her career as a theatre director. For 20 years she developed the Andersson System for acting, directing and screenwriting in parallel.
In 2002, she founded "Die Tankstelle - für Künstler zum Auftanken" (The Filling Station - for Artists to Refuel), where she and her team colleagues created a space for daily training, shooting and casting preparations and, above all, for further education.  In addition to the ifs, she also teaches at the Hamburg Media School, UdK Folkwang, FU Babelsberg, FOCAL Zurich, Filmakademie BW and at Into The Wild Mentoring.

Coaching selection
(Films in which Sigrid Andersson has coached actors and/or directors):

2022 - Babylon Berlin (R: A. Borries, T. Tykwer u.a.)
2018 - Systemsprenger (R: Nora Fingscheidt)
2012 - Iron Sky (Regie: Timo Vuorensola)
2010 - Vincent will Meer (Regie: Ralf Huettner)
2009 - Inglourious Basterds (R: Quentin Tarantino)
2008 - Hexe Lilli (Regie: Stefan Ruzowitzky)