Tim Egner

Tim Egner

BA Film | Editing Picture & Sound


Editing and Sound Design (a. o. MADE IN GERMANY)



TIM EGNER born 1996 in Bad Soden am Taunus, grown up in Frankfurt | in his spare time landscape photographer | Abitur 2015 | 2015-2016 stay abroad in Australia as well as New Zealand | during this time internship at Filmotion Productions in Sydney | 2017 internship at Carsten Konze Videoproduktion in Cologne | 2017-2021 BA Film "Editing Picture & Sound" at ifs | 2018 participation at the European Editing Masterclass | 2020 editing assistance at the feature film »Trübe Wolken«.

Further Projects

Editing & Sound Design

2020 | Feature Film | 17 min.

2018 | Documentary Film | 15 min. | Audience Award at RISEFly Fishing Film Festival

2017 | Feature Film | 13 min.

Sound Design

2018 | Feature Film | 15 min.

Editing is "Sculpting in Time": This title of a book by Andrei Tarkowski best illustrates for me what constitutes that magical moment when one shot ends and a new one begins. Like a sculptor from his block of marble, I work out a finished film from the raw material. The only difference is that I move in time, manipulate it, and am always fascinated by the power each decision can have during the editing process and how much power you have over the story as an editor. It's literally a fight for every frame, because that's what I am: someone who fights for the film alongside the director and doesn't give up until the best possible result is achieved.

Tim Egner

Alumnus & Editor

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