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Chris Chibnall
© Madeline Joinson

European Showrunner Think Tank: Chris Chibnall (BROADCHURCH)


The European Showrunner Think Tank explores and discusses the advantages and challenges of showrunning in Europe. In the upcoming online session, showrunner Chris Chibnall (»Broadchurch«, »Doctor Who«) grants insights into his individual approach to showrunning and into the current situation for showrunners in Europe with a focus on the UK market.
The UK was one of the first European countries to adopt the showrunner model from the US. Today, a large number of British series are produced using variations of the showrunner model. BAFTA and Peabody Award-winning screenwriter, executive producer and playwright Chris Chibnall is one of the pioneers of this approach. In this session, he looks back at the transition from traditional working methods to this innovative form of series production. He reflects on the development of his own personal showrunning style, and discusses the opportunities this new position offers to promote a much-needed shift towards a more diverse, equal and inclusive series market.


Chris Chibnall | Writer and Showrunner (»Broadchurch«, »Doctor Who«), UK

Marike Muselaers  | Lumière Benelux Group, Belgium