Sound Triggered Tubes MA Digital Narratives
© Changzhen Zheng

1:1 CONCERTS / »Sound Triggered Tubes«

interactive installation

»Sound Triggered Tubes« is an interactive installation that allows the user to alter various rhythms and colors of the LED tubes by making different sounds and vibrations. At the same time, the listener can be a viewer and also have a deeper emotional connection with the musician before and after experiencing the interactive installation. Furthermore, the listener can prepare his or her ears and eyes even before the concert.

User Journey & Description:
The listener enters the concert by the host. Before entering the main room, there is a hallway with blinded windows.
Lights go off, the listener is asked to interact, make sounds and vibrations with the tubes before going to the room to start the concert.
The host leaves, the guest starts to interact with the tubes. The whole experience lasts for about 1-2 minutes, several microphones surround the listener. Whenever the listener makes sounds from certain directions, the microphones will record the sound and the tubes will react to movements or different colors.
Eventually, all the lights go on and the listener is invited to enter the room where the musician is waiting on a chair.


Visualisation Video

© Changzhen Zheng