Dance your troubles away.

When Nicola Ramírez’s long-term rehab comes to an end, the DJ and musician has no place to go but back to Ciudad de México, his hometown. His attempts at a quaint life soon prove futile as the night’s allure tempts him back. There, he must face his troubled past and the people who inhabit it.

When a group of broken adults clash in the fast-paced nightlife of Mexico City, things are bound to get chaotic. A single night can result in drug abuse, run-ins with the narcos, and holding your own father at gunpoint.
CROSSFADED is an exploration of the contradictory need to build meaningful relationships while not letting anyone get too close.
DJ Nicolás (29) returns to CDMX after a year-long stay in rehab. He temporarily moves in with Helena, his uptight younger sister. He gets a teaching position at his alma mater, the National Conservatory. Nicolás intends to stay clear and forget about nightlife and his past. However, he is soon confronted with María, his ex-girlfriend, who also works at the conservatory.
The fragile status quo Nicolás is trying to establish vanishes when Raúl, Nicolás’ best friend, persuades him to play at a party. That fateful night sends everyone down a new path, as fleeting encounters turn into personal entanglements.
On this journey, we follow different stories which converge around Nicolás and the rave scene: At his first gig after rehab, Nicolás meets Sonia, an erratic artist. An impromptu live collaboration sparks a fire between the two. Raúl suggests that they work together on an EP and throw a party so that a big producer will buy their tracks and sign them to his label. As Sonia and Nicolás record together, they grow closer. But their reluctance to open up to each other because of past wounds hinders their ability to build a solid relationship.
At the same party, Helena, Nicolás’ sister, meets Odette. Odette is a seductive psychologist and the complete opposite of Helena: free, open and passionate. After a rocky first encounter, Odette and Helena start dating. Through Odette, Helena finds access to her desires, which inevitably run amok after being locked away for so long.
María, Nicolás’ ex, is recovering from her addiction to pills, the consequence of a car accident that crushed her left arm. The accident, caused by the drug-addled Nicolás, prevented her from having her big breakthrough as a pianist. Nicolás’ sudden return to María’s life fuels the anger and resentment she had been able to suppress. This leads to outbursts of rage, which she tries to counter with tranquilizers. María’s emotions threaten both her personal and professional life, as she struggles to find peace within herself.
Raúl is addicted to cocaine and almost broke. He relies on the talent of Nicolás and Sonia to get back on his feet. Raúl asks Nicolás for a hefty sum of money to pay for their party’s venue, which he eventually uses to bail himself out. Being a shrewd talker, Raul is confident he can make up the loss by dealing cocaine. However, he soon learns that his silver tongue is not enough to traverse the dangerous narco world that he carelessly plunged into.


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