»Welcome to the safest town in Scotland.«

A reserved Lithuanian woman moves to a small town in Scotland to secure a future for her teenage daughter, but when the local newspaper publishes an article that accuses her of witchcraft, she will have to expose the true culprit behind the incidents that have been oushing the town into decline.


Vida (55) is a widowed mother whose whole life revolves around her daughter Dora (13). Once a promising actress, Vida has put her artistic dreams aside in order to escape the tough circumstances in Lithuania and provide Dora with a life Vida couldn’t have herself in Scotland. Vida’s holistic healing methods and herbal remedies create suspicion in the small town of Tinsley.
Ronald (59) wants to get elected to the Scottish Parliament, but his job as the town’s councillor is in jeopardy as the corrupt biscuit factory owner Gary (47) blackmails Ronald into following his agenda. Ronald is forced to propose lifting the fracking ban as part of his campaign which causes a backlash from environmental activists and farmers. How­ever, as the biscuit factory gets rid of the local suppliers, the people of Tinsley have to consider that inviting a new industry could be the only way to save a dying town.
Finlay (36), an ambitious journalist, rises up to the task of uncovering the mysteries of the town, but he has to compete with the Millennial ways of newspaper intern June (23), who challenges everything Finlay believes to be true about journalism.
Once the plan of the greedy biscuit factory owner is ex­posed, the people of the town will have to pick up the pieces and deal with what each one of them has become.
»Crumbles« explores the issues of immigration, political
corruption and media manipulation. It is a multi-protagonist personal drama series with elements of satire. The ever-changing political and social climate of Tinsley provides a perfect setting for different stories to be told each season.