Die Flut

Flood (working title)

A village, a flood, and nothing is the way it used to be - or the way everyone would have liked it to be.

After a flood of the century in her childhood home, an aspiring geologist struggles against her family's attempt to hold on to old routines: Camping shower instead of bubble bath, expired canned meat instead of smoked salmon. The village is also in chaos: the mayor has disappeared, the pastor has to rebury bones that have been washed up, and insurance and cult representatives sense their chance.
Our protagonist gets caught up in a group of travelled aid workers who want to use the crisis for their own interests and are planning to overthrow the country.

Flut (working title) is a black comedy about a family that would rather hold on to the past in times of climate change and about a village that, in the face of catastrophe, is beset by fake relief workers who want exactly the opposite of the cleanup they promised: Chaos.

Flut (working title) was made as part of the 1st-Movie-Programme 2023 of the HFF Munich. A project by Willi Andrick and Anna Schröder.


Mira Fajfer
Susanne Blodt
Michaela Behahl
Michael Brandt
Till Meinen