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Golden Boy

Oliver returns to his East German home village after his stellar career in the West has collapsed. Because he desperately needs money, he wants to sell his late mother's run-down villa. As if he doesn't want to wake anyone, he creeps through the lifeless house. But the memories are already wide awake. His guilty conscience that his mother died lonely in this place gnaws at him. Oliver wants to free himself from all the ballast.

Ronny, his former best friend who is unemployed and "stuck" in the village, helps clear out the house. He is happy about Oliver's return. But the plan to sell the house goes wrong. Convulsively, Oliver tries to hide his failure, cutting himself off from his emotions in the process. Ronny wants to pick up the friendship from back then, but Oliver is trapped behind a wall of arrogance and lies. Much too late Oliver realizes his infinite loneliness. GOLDJUNGE is a film about friendship. Without it, life would be meaningless. Friendship means identity. But the topicality of the material also lies in the fact that the general crisis is no longer exclusively at home in East Germany. The "golden boy" Oliver returns to the East because he no longer has any prospects in the West either. Oliver and Ronny, who have not seen each other for many years, could meet here and now on an equal footing and revive their friendship. But Oliver does not allow this to happen. He cannot drop the facade of success, because otherwise he would collapse. The film GOLD BOY invites us to think about values such as identity, friendship and success, and to question the relationship between money and happiness.

awards & Festivals

- Nominierung für den Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis 2006
- 2. achtung berlin – new berlin film Award Berlin 2006
- »Starthilfe« Internationaler Filmkongress der Filmstiftung NRW und der Cologne Conference
»Spectrum Junger Film« Köln 2006
- 29. Grenzland-Filmtage Selb 2006
- 2. Kurzfilmfestival Lüchow 2006'
- 2. Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterey Mexiko 2006




Stephan Schiffers


Stephan Schiffers


Janna Velber


Saschko Frey


Anna Kappelmann

Sound Design

Emil Klotzsch

Production Design

Nele Jordan

Edna Weiß

Costume Design

Andrea Nolte


Max von Pufendorf
Ronald Zehrfeld
Antje Traue

© Saschko Frey
© Saschko Frey
© Saschko Frey