Having Krebs
© Max Hüttermann

Having Krebs

He is a typical representative of our generation. Dissatisfied, aimless, fed up.

His room is a self-created isolation cell, the computer the only being he deals with. His desire to understand the world results in stagnation. Only when the Internet goes down one day is he forced to confront his paralyzing indifference. In the process, he learns that his roommate will not live much longer, and the realization that even stagnation has consequences shakes his consciousness. He has no idea that the outside world is about to burst his bubble of oppressive security.

awards & Festivals

- Nominierung Produzentenpreis, Int. Studentenfilmfestival sehsüchte 2012
- Bester Ton & Bester Schnitt, Yaoundé Tout Court
- WMAFF 1st Women Media Arts and Film Festival Sydney, Australien 2013
- Manya Human Rights International Film Festival Kampala, Uganda 2013
- Filmfest Düsseldorf 2013
- Sydney Intercultural Film Festival Sydney, Australien 2013
- 30. video/film tage Koblenz 2013
- Feratum Film Festival Tlalpujahua, Mexiko 2013
- Edmonton International Film Festival Edmonton, Kanada 2013
- Great Lakes International Film Festival Eerie, USA 2013
- 5th edition of the International Student Short Film Festival Beirut – Libanon 2013
- Reykjavik International Film Festival Reykjavik, Island 2013

© ifs




Anne Maschlanka


Alexander Daus


Elisabeth Feltes


Max Hüttermann

Editing / Sound Design

Lucas Seeberger

Production Design

Oliver Koch

Costume Design

Grete Kellermann


Laurine Grzybinski

Vera Niehausmeier


Lars Winther
Hendrik Heutmann

Still »Having Krebs«
© Max Hüttermann
Still »Having Krebs«
© Max Hüttermann
Still »Having Krebs«
© Max Hüttermann