Mycelium, Zaytouneh Seul Quandeel Agnihotri, MA 3D Animation for Film & Games, ifs Filmschule Köln
© Muhammad-Tarek Zaytouneh, David Seul, Omar Quandeel, Utkarsh Agnihotri


The discontinuation of manned space flight by NASA does not seem to be permanent, according to the team of Utkarsh Agnihotri, Omar Qandeel, David Seul, and Tarek Zaytouneh. They developed the prototype of the multiplayer game “Mycelium,” which explores the intergalactic conflict between humanity and the eponymous Mycelium network. Humanity sends its advanced armored units to mine the network’s energy-rich mushrooms, but the Mycelium network fights back by sending deadly beasts.


© Utkarsh Agnihotri, Omar Qandeel, David Seul Tarek Zaytouneh