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Outer Child

Could you live with yourself?

An immature and self-absorbed woman in her late thirties is given a chance to grow up when her 18-year-old clone arrives on her doorstep seeking help.


Georgina (38) lives her life like an overgrown child, constantly throwing tantrums and blaming others for her mistakes. It’s not her fault her landlady hates her, she’s going through a chaotic divorce, and she can’t get promoted at work— no matter how hard she sulks. But what will she do when she’s confronted by her actual younger self?

One day, her chirpy and optimistic teenage clone Rosie (18) turns up on her doorstep asking to stay. Georgina reluctantly agrees, figuring she can get Rosie to do all her dirty work and deal with her many, many problems.

All is going well until Georgina allows Rosie to take over her life a bit too much and is furious when everyone likes Rosie better than her. Georgina has the tantrum to end all tantrums and ends up in a psychiatric hospital. She manages to escape and finds Rosie with her feet firmly under the table, hosting Christmas dinner for a who’s who of everyone Georgina hates i.e., her friends and family.

Georgina’s had just about enough of this interloper and tries to strangle Rosie with the tinsel. Rosie manages to fight her off – because they’re both ticklish in the same places – and drops a few home truths: isn’t it high time Georgina grew up? Georgina has to decide whether to take clever little Rosie’s advice or continue to behave like a giant angry baby forever.

»Outer Child« is an absurd and sometimes dark comedy about nature vs. nurture, regret, and the challenges of living with yourself in the form of a very annoying teenager.



Hayley Goggin