Part Collector von David Seul
© David Seul

»Partie« Time!

In his first semester, student David Seul (MA 3D Animation for Film & Games) created the game character »The Part Collector«.
The story: In future, we're all brains and hearts. Nothing more, and we're interconnected through the Great Server. Except for our Part Collector. "Partie" wants to have a physical body again - and feel sensations like the rain on his skin, the warming sun. But having a body is illegal, since one day when seven hard drives were stolen from the Great Server...

The game: You are the Part Collector, first making your way to old Planet Earth. Collecting, buying, trying out body parts. You need mechanical parts to create things, and senses to better perceive your environment. A solid body is key when you join the resistance against the Great Server, and the adventurous search for the Seven Hard Drives begins…

David created a 3D Character Design from scratch including initial sketches, modelling, texturing, rigging, rendering and first animation tests. The students were also asked to build a story world around the character, and think of a possible medium and format (film/game/AR application) where the character would appear. Take a look at »Partie«!