Still »Stille Welt«
© Friedrich Schönig

Silent world

externes Kooperationsprojekt

1873: A geologist discovers a deep rocky hole in the forest floor. Full of excitement and thirst for discovery, he descends into the deep shaft. There he discovers the entrance to a widely branching cave system with bizarre stalactite formations. He is thrilled by the discovery, but on his way back to daylight he gets hopelessly lost in the dark corridors.


- Avvantura Festival Filmforum Zadar, Kroatien 2012



Director / Script / Production

Thorsten Kleinschmidt


Friedrich Schönig

Editing / Sound Design

Christopher Tworuschka

Production Design

Charlotte Krauss

Costume Design

Eva Wasmund


Yann Grouhel
Maria Mittler

Still »Stille Welt«
© Friedrich Schönig
Still »Stille Welt«
© Friedrich Schönig
Still »Stille Welt«
© Friedrich Schönig