Agnieszka Kruk
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Agnieszka Kruk

European Showrunner Programme


Writer, Script development expert | »NA WSPÓLNEJ« (writer), »1899« (language assistant)


I’ve been professionally (hyper)active in the AV industry since 1996. I started as a VJ in music TV writing my own copy, then wrote and produced innovative entertainment live TV shows and in 2002 I joined my first professional writers room. I wrote and co-wrote 1200 episodes of prime time series. Other worth mentioning achievements: creating and six years running a festival for screenwriters called Script Fiesta and creating my own screenwriting academy in Warsaw. 
Fun fact: worked as a Language Assistant in the Screenwriting Department of »1899«.
Non-writing related fun facts: I can speak Dutch, my Japanese is getting better and better, and I enjoy painting with Japanese ink. 

Nationality: Polish
Residence: Warsaw, Poland
Writing Language(s): Polish, English
Specialities: Adaptation, Biography, Complex Narrative Structures, I2D2 Script Development Method


»Flights« | early development

Series | Poland/International | Concept, Head writer

»freedom of the swallow« | 2021

Series | Poland | Sole Writer

»first love« | 2006-2010

Series | Poland | Story Co-Writer, dialogue writer for 800+ episodes

»wspólna street« | 2002-2003

Series | Poland | Story liner, Senior Story liner, dialogue writer for 250 episodes

Showrunning is a natural next career step for me. It combines various aspects of my experience so far and opens great opportunities for connecting inspiring professionals, facilitating their creative growth and new talent-boosting. As a showrunner I am especially interested in working in an international environment.

Agnieszka Kruk