In the field of acting, ifs is offering workouts and workshops on selected topics. The offers enable exchange and networking beyond the content-related impulses.


The weekly workouts are aimed at professional actors who want to deepen and/or rediscover their acting possibilities in front of the camera and who want to train continuously or work on themselves during a project.


Working in front of the camera requires thorough preparation and examination of the role. In the day-to-day work of a film production, the actor or actress has little time to develop the core of a scene. The ifs acting workshops give actors the chance to improve their own tools and their work in front of and with the camera among their colleagues. Participants can expand their "playing space" in many ways in order to be prepared for their work on shoots and castings. They will be supported by selected directors, acting teachers and casting directors. The upcoming workshops will take place over a period of several days and are intended to deepen the exchange of experiences between directors and actors and to enable joint training, but also to offer coaching and tools that will make acting in front of the camera more free, confident and individual.

since the professional training programmes n the field of acting are german-language programmes, please find all further information on the german-language page.

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