Aleezay Aftab

MA Serial Storytelling



ALEEZAY AFTAB grew up in Lahore, Pakistan, a place known for its devotion to its strict customs and cultural practices. She has been interested in storytelling from a young age due to the prevalent practice of oral storytelling among the women in her family and always wanted to tell stories of her own some day. With a strong academic interest in fictional literature as well as digital media she decided to pursue a BA in Film and TV at the National College of Arts, Lahore, where she collaborated with her fellow students to direct, write, produce, and edit various short films. She graduated with honours and established herself as a production designer within the local film industry, known for visual and empathetic storytelling. She also worked with the international climate activist/musician Novo Omor in his 505 Short Film competition, where their film won. It was selected for the academy qualifying Austin Film Festival and other film festivals as well. Having gathered experiences in all facets of filmmaking, she wants to return to storytelling with a focus on screenwriting which has led her to pursue an MA at the ifs in Serial Storytelling.