Aylin Alici

Aylin Alici

BA Film | Screenwriting


Author (a. o. JUNA)



AYLIN ALICI born 1996 in Duisburg | 2015 Abitur | During her school time she acted in various theaters and wrote plays herself | Realized her own short films | 2016 Voluntary Social Year | 2017-2021 BA Film "Screenwriting" at ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln | Since March 2021 Writer in a Writers' Room at TFS - The Fiction Syndicate

Further Projects


2020 | TV Film | approx. 90 min.


2020 | Roman

A floating pair of eyes. The phrase has accompanied me since my youth. At that time I wished for nothing more than to have no body, only eyes. That would have been enough for me. To be in the silent part of the action. Just observing. Most important to me is the creation and perception of atmosphere. Be it in my books or in the rooms where I spend time. In company I like to note who was present and how my relationship to those is, what all was said and with what facial expressions, the mood, the time, the room, the feeling that was in the air, the lighting conditions, what song was playing in the background, how it came about and how it continued afterwards, what thoughts went through my head during the time and why. And it is precisely with this love of detail that I try in my books to invite the audience for a moment into a foreign world and a foreign life.

Aylin Alici

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