Charly Hoffmann

Charly Hoffmann

BA Film | Creative Producing


Producer (a. o. THE SCREAM)



CHARLY HOFFMANN born 1991 in Cologne into a film family | 2010 A-levels | lived in Sydney for a long time during and after school | 2011-2012 studied aerospace engineering at TU Delft, Netherlands | 2012-2014 studied mechanical engineering in Cologne | always worked at the same time: film retouching, bicycle mechanic, waiter, barista | 2014 first internships in film | 2015-2018 bachelor's degree in film / creative producing at ifs | scholarship holder of VFF Verwertungsgesellschaft der Film- und Fernsehproduzenten | production manager of an online series (Comedy Rocket)

further projects

Production Management

Comedy Rocket

2016 - 2017 | Online-Comedy



2014 | TV Series | 3 episodes


2014 | TV Series | 2 episodes

In my previous courses of study, I built rockets and racing cars and dropped out of both courses. The fact that I ended up in film after a long search has two reasons: the product and the implementation. Race cars and rockets are tangible objects that can move us from place to place. Movies, on the other hand, are visually realized stories and thus intangible. Yet they can move us - they let us travel to realities we could never physically enter. It takes a large team to make a film, working meticulously like clockwork. I find the role of the producer so exciting and thrilling because, as a communicator and enabler, he is, in a way, the central cog of the clockwork. Bringing people together and creating a level of communication are things that come easily to me. Finding a story on this basis, realizing it together and finally inspiring an audience with it - what could be better?

Charly Hoffmann

Alumnus & Producer

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