Still »Royal Affairs«
© Christophe Poulles

Royal Affairs

Unspeakably powerful beings travel through space and time to grant wishes of randomly selected inhabitants of planets.

When their attention turns to Earth, their selection process has a glitch and selects Greg, who is having a rotten day at the office. Teleported to the space embassy by an overly enthusiastic ambassador, Greg has a unique opportunity to save humanity. Will he take the chance?

Awards & Festivals

- Max-Ophüls-Preis Festival Saarbrücken, January 2018
- Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, May 2018
- International Student Film Festival Tel Aviv, June 2018 
- Rüsselsheimer Filmtage, June 2018
- Fusion Festival Neustrelitz, June 2018
- Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, August 2018
- Little Wing Filmfestival London, August 2018
- Filmzeit Kaufbeuren, October 2018
- International Student Film Festival Peking, October 2018
- FilmZ Mainz, November 2018
- Arc Film Festival, Mainz, April 2019

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Script / Co-Production

Claire Macdonald

Production Assistant

Editing Assistant

Sound Design

Jens Müller

Alexandra Praet


Carl-Ludwig Wetzig

Production Design

Jessica Blum

Franziska Helmig

Leila Dzidic

Sladjana Efendic

Markus Schütz

Elena Schiff

Anna Dehardt

Fiona Gornik

Angelina Häußer

Salome Christina Jermann

Svenja Matthes

Seraina Rudolf

Costume Design

Dominik Schmitt


 Jenny Uhlig

Anne Versin


Kris Marshall
Tony Way
Angélique Cavallari
Thomas Bestvater
Viktoria Klimmeck

Still »Royal Affairs«
© Christophe Poulles
Still »Royal Affairs«
© Christophe Poulles
Still »Royal Affairs«
© Christophe Poulles