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Tim Hennig

BA Film | VFX & Animation


VFX & Animation (a. o. STONE FACES)



TIM HENNIG | born 1996 in Cologne | 2013 A-levels | Since 2002 Drummer | 2013-2014 Internship at Pixomondo Frankfurt in the Shading/Lighting Department | 2015-2018 Bachelor of Film / Digital Film Arts at ifs

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2017 | cinema film | 106 min.

The process of visual effects or animated films is something very special: it's not the classic "light, camera, action!", but basically a reverse order. Everything is done in individual steps - the light is added at the very end. Nevertheless, you are not groping in the dark all the time. It's practically filmmaking in slow motion. You can design everything in detail and keep improving it. Working as a VFX artist is not only a great mix of artistic and technical work, but also always involves exciting research. You really immerse yourself in a subject and become an expert on something new with every project. I've already had a lot of fun in the VFX industry and I'm excited to see where it goes next.

Tim Hennig

Alumnus | VFX & Animation

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