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Mikko Beste

BA Film | VFX & Animation


VFX & Animation (a. o. WAR SCENE)



MIKKO BESTE | born 1996 in Hildesheim | 2014 A-levels | Internship at a film production company and a film studio | Since 2015 Work as a VFX Freelance Artist | 2015-2018 Bachelor of Film / Digital Film Arts at the ifs

Further Projects

VFX & Animation


2017 | Feature film | 106 min.

In the field of visual effects, the main aim is to influence the viewer's perception of reality. Worlds are created in digital space where the only limitations are imagination and computer power. Since I like to think visually, this opens up the possibility of making my imaginations and ideas a reality on the computer. Creative realisation is crucial for the virtual illusion to succeed and for the viewer to be fully immersed in the action. The most beautiful thing about my work is to look back from the result to the original material. Like a puzzle, all the material is put together piece by piece - and only when the last piece of the puzzle is in place can you admire the newly created image.

Mikko Beste

Alumnus | VFX & Animation

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