Manuel Zilleken

Manuel Zilleken

BA Film | Creative Producing


Producer (a. o. KLAUSENTREIBEN)



MANUEL ZILLEKEN born 1995 in Euskirchen | 2014 world champion high school graduate | Longtime soccer and tennis player | After high school graduation, three quarters of a year of internships, a. o. at ITV Germany and Bantry Bay, working on the productions of "Die Herzensbrecher - Vater von vier Söhnen" (2014) and "Weinberg" (2015) | 2017 Author for the You- Tube channel "Arbeitstitel", format "Into the Frame", funded by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW | 2015-2018 Bachelor of Film / Creative Producing at ifs | 2018 Creative Producer at Twentytwo Film GmbH

further projects

Production Management

2018 | Feature Film | 136 min.

Production Trainee

2015 | Mini Series | 8 episodes

One of the most important characteristics of human beings is the gathering of new experiences. The new is what attracts us and drives us forward. I myself am also always on the lookout for experiences and stories, and in doing so I want to create worlds that are completely new and at the same time emotional and tangible. One of the most appealing cinematic storytelling forms for these stories, in my opinion, is animated film. I myself have always been fascinated and touched by animated films in their own way, not only as a child but also as an adult. This is where the creative thoughts and visions of the filmmakers meet an unlimited expanse of possibilities. The challenge in writing and creating is to connect the new and unknown with the viewers' experiences in a way that creates an empathetic and believable world. With films like this, I want to reach the viewer emotionally, I want to give the audience the opportunity to take something away from the auditorium for themselves - even if it's "just" the memory of a beautiful film.

Manuel Zilleken

Alumnus & Producer

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