Still »Grummet«
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Germany 1916. The First World War is in full swing, everywhere there is misery, decay and decay. In a small village, MARGA (45) is also struggling for her daily survival. Since her husband Otto went missing in the war, she has been keeping her head above water by stealing potatoes and home-brew.

With her resolute manner, she has quickly become an outsider in the village. Only 12-year-old HANS is fascinated by Marga and virtually follows her around. When this behaviour culminates in an accident in which Marga seriously injures the boy, she sees her end approaching. However, she is not picked up by a blood-hungry mob - the boy has kept his mouth shut. Curious, Marga goes to Hans' sickbed. He seizes his chance: someone has to take care of him - and who should that be but Marga? The initially difficult relationship develops into a friendship. Marga even makes a wooden prosthesis for the boy, since his own leg had to be removed. The harmony lasts only a short time and is abruptly destroyed by the arrival of Han's older brother FRIEDRICH (22). Worn down by the war and motivated by jealousy towards Marga, Friedrich leads the village mob, gets Hans to betray Marga and drowns her in the village square while everyone else watches.

Awards & Festivals

- 2nd Action & Adventure Film Festival Movie Park 2017, Los Angeles (California, USA
- 35th Festival Cinematográfico Internacional Del Uruguay 2017, Montevideo (Uruguay)
- 12th Vancouver International Women in Film Festival 2017 (Vancouver, Kanada), Preis »Best Performance in a Short Award«
- California Women’s Film Festival 2017 (Los Angeles, USA), Preis »Best Foreign Film« & nominiert für »Best Director«
- Ouchy Film Award 2016 (Lausanne, Schweiz), nominiert für »Best Director«
- 14th International Short & Independent Film Festival 2016, Dhaka (Bangladesh)
- 11th Tacoma Film Festival 2016, Tacoma (Washington, USA)
- 5th North Carolina Film Award 2016 (Raleigh, USA), Preis »Founders Award«
- 21st Portobello Film Festival 2016, London (UK)
- 37. Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2016, Saarbrücken
- Empfang der Filmhochschulen bei der Berlinale 2014 (Pitch)

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Jenny Schily
Joshua Fröhlich
Michel Diercks
Alexander Hauff
Torben Kessler

Still »Grummet«
© Christophe Poulles
Still »Grummet«
© Christophe Poulles
Still »Grummet«
© Christoph Poulles
Still »Grummet«
© Christophe Poulles