Antonia-Marleen Klein

Antonia-Marleen Klein

BA Film | Editing Picture & Sound


Editing and Sound Design (a. o. LUCKY TO BE AWAY)



ANTONIA-MARLEEN KLEIN born 1989 in Neuwied | 2008 Abitur | 2008-2009 scholarship for Economics at the City University of New York | 2009 continuation of studies at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, graduation 2012 as B.Sc. Economics | During her studies, internships in New York and London in the fashion and media sector | Subsequently, in 2012, double Master's program "Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship" in Berlin | 2013-2014 Internship at Bilder & Worte Filmproduktion in Cologne with a focus on editing | 2014 Internship with film editor Anika Simon | 2015-2018 BA Film "Editing Picture & Sound" at ifs

Further Projects

Editing and DoP

Making of Zhong

2014 | Image Film | 4 min.


Mixtape der Begierde

2015 | Video | 4 min.

For me, the process of editing is like the search for truthfulness in the material - a search for humanity and personal connection. Because filmmaking always has to do with people. People you work with and people you tell stories about. In this respect, editing for me means having an exchange about life, first with the director and later with the viewer. To succeed in this exchange, you need honesty and the ability to let yourself go. To make friends with uncertainty and creative freedom and to say yes to one's sensations. Learning this exerts a great attraction on me.

Antonia-Marleen Klein

Alumna & Editor

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