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Javiera Cortes

MA Digital Narratives



JAVIERA CORTES - Filmmaker, graduated from the University of Arts and Social Sciences (Arcis), specialist in editing postproduction, with experiences in film restoration in 35 and 16 mm in different techniques. Diploma in postproduction and motion graphics.

Attended a workshop at the renowned Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba, specialized in new media and new narratives.

Javiera gained experiences in management assistance and direction at the audiovisual production and advertising company WOKI TOKI Ltd., where she workedin fields of branded content, product placement and social media. One of her personal projects was “The World in 2 minutes”, short-form videos which show the culture and funny videos of different countries. She also worked on several fiction and documentary short films. In the last 3 years she worked as an executive producer and audiovisual realizator of cultural material and animations for the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile.

Master in Digital Narratives at the ifs internationale filmschule köln, Germany, where she developed a location based game project, interactive narratives, twine games and research in topics like: pervasive and crime games, girls and social networks, gender equality working in audiovisual media, science and media, among some. She has been working in several videos for political causes such as: The Chilean social revolution and feminism („Las tesis“ Performances in Düsseldorf and Cologne). Always looking for new media formats and platforms to promote and create content that is: socially relevant, storytelling, culturally engaging and entertaining.

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