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Lutz Rödig

BA Film | Directing


Director (a. o. FLOCKE & PROSCHINSKI)



LUTZ RÖDIG born 1991 in Bonn | 2007 Media Studies at Ratcliffe College Leicester | 2010 A-Levels | 2010-2012 Various internships in media, theater and film productions | From 2010 Production of own (short film) projects | 2011-2014 Bachelor studies in Media Science at the University of Siegen | 2012 Co-founder of student initiative "Filmwerkstatt" | 2013 Creative Media Manager at New-York-Philharmonic production "A Dancers Dream" | 2013 Collaboration at Giants-are-Small- Webseries "Hot Culture" | 2015 Directing internship at Dominik Graf's film "Zielfahnder: Flucht in die Karpaten" | 2015-2019 Bachelor of Film / Directing at the ifs | Since 2017 Participation and co-creation of various acting workshops | 2018 Foundation of the film collective uberwave

further projects

Director and Script

Illuminati Chips

2018 | Music Video | 3 min.


2015 | Experimental Film | 4 min.

Easy Cleaning

2012 | Commercial | 1 min.


2009 | Feature Film | 10 min.

There is no more magic in German film, and I want to change that. It's not for nothing that I wanted to become a magician, then an actor, and finally a director, even as a child. I want to be among the best, so I also try to always learn from the best and reverently follow the greatest magicians of my film world like Fellini, Tykwer, Aronofsky, Gondry, Jonze, Iñaritu, Allen, Nolan, Fincher, Anderson and Östlund. Countering tragedy with comedy and delighting audiences with the unimaginable is my personal goal here. The cinema I follow should enchant, it should amaze, but it should also touch, because it tells of real people and their problems. Because it always fights better together, I ally myself with like-minded filmmakers and found the film collective uberwave with them. We are adventurers, we want to enter undiscovered territory, experiment and try things out. With a map in our pockets, we want to cultivate openness and also the fun of trying things out.

Lutz Rödig

Alumnus & Director

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