Still »Flocke und Proschinski«
© Sabine Stephan

Flocke und Proschinski

Flocke and Proschinski have a plan.

Actually, always, somehow. Every day, the two of them stroll through the streets and stores of the city - and of course they always steal something. They always paint their next coup in the wildest colors.

For over a year now, the two have been living together in an old rust bucket. And that can no longer go on. Flocke dreams of winning the lottery, Proschinski thinks more practically: The "Blue", that is the spacious old-timer of the bigwig Harald, they would have to get hold of. But how? Option 1: Break in, hotwire it, and run. Basically a good idea, but who knows exactly how the cables work? Variant 2: Take the key from Harald. Or better yet, variant 3: Break into his house when he's not there!

Such a plan has to be well thought out. It goes without saying that they don't always agree right away. Things only become dangerous when an idea rocks the foundation of Flocke and Proschinski's friendship.


- Nominated "Best Medium-Length Film" at Max Ophüls Preis 2019
- FilmSchauPlätze NRW 2019
- 30th Bamberg Short Film Festival 2020

© ifs


Vincent Krüger
Stefan Lampadius
Peter Kaghanovitch
Ronja Herberich

Still »Flocke und Proschinski«
© Sabine Stephan
Still »Flocke und Proschinski«
© Sabine Stephan