Jessica Kaczmarek

Jessica Kaczmarek

BA Film | Production Design


Production Designer (a. o. MADE IN GERMANY)



JESSICA KACZMAREK born 1997 in Potsdam | During school acting in an independent theater ensemble | 2015 Abitur | Assistant director in an independent theater ensemble | 2017-2021 Bachelor of Film / Production Design at the ifs | Since then gained experience in student short films, internships and music video productions | 2018 Art Department internship on the feature film »Exil« (R: Visar Morina, 2020) | 2019 Production Design internship on the series »Babylon Berlin« | 2018-2020 Scholarship holder of the ifs sponsorship association

further projects

Production Design

2021 | Feature Film | 30 min.

2019 | Music Video | 4 min.

Filmmaking only works together. Each trade contributes its share and thus gives something of itself and its vision to the creative melting pot. Especially in the art department, cohesion and division of labor are essential. With passion and love for film, we give color and form to the story. We are passionate about detail, creating atmosphere and tailoring spaces to the characters. I am particularly enthusiastic about highly stylized films, such as those by Wes Anderson, as well as the visualization of the inner life of the characters in personal stories. With historical material, I throw myself enthusiastically into the research and breathe life into the motifs.

Jessica Kaczmarek

Alumna & Production Designer

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