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Sabine Stephan

BA Film | Director of Photography





SABINE STEPHAN born 1986 in Bergisch Gladbach | year abroad in Milwaukee, Wisconsin | 2006 A-levels | internships at TV production companies | 2010 graduation as media designer for sound and vision | since then working as freelance DoP for TV productions | 2008 filmmaking workshop at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles | filming experience abroad in Belgium, Spain and Iceland, among others in Belgium, Spain and Iceland | Various seter experiences as video operator, lighting operator and 2nd and 1st assistant on dffb films | Film inspirations e.g. "The Shining", "Fargo", "28 Days Later", "500 Days of Summer" | Genre reflexible | Preference for long takes | Active in boxing club | 2015-2018 BA Film "Director of Photography" at ifs

Further Projects


The Last Relapse

2008 | Experimental Film | 6 min.

1st Assistant DoP

Autumn in the Summer

2018 | Short Film | 23 min.

Data Wrangler

Passagier 23

2018 | TV Film

Video Operator

Zwischen Welten

2013 | Motion Picture


2009 | TV Film

So, I think in my former life I was a private detective or a psychotherapist. I am interested in people and their emotions. I live those funny, sad, romantic, dramatic, angsty, exciting moments that only life can write. And film. Every film is like a journey. I was probably an explorer, always on the move in search of a new world, still unknown to me. Every shoot is a new adventure that I love to throw myself into professionally with lots of curiosity, openness and energy. Even though the shooting days are long, I share them with colleagues who are also passionate about the story of a film. And I want to bring this story to life through my camera work. So it's the love of film and life that brought me to the camera. So what's next? "The adventure is out there." (Up, 2009)

Sabine Stephan

Alumna & DoP

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