Lydia-Maria Emrich

Lydia-Maria Emrich

BA Film | Directing


Director (a. o. THE PANTHERESS)



LYDIA-MARIA EMRICH born 1992 in Berlin | grew up in Hanover | went to school at a Waldorf school | 2005 lead role in a graduation film of the HFF Munich | internships (e.g. at "Deutschland 09", Hans Weingartner) and many years of work at independent.entertainment as editor and writer | after graduating from high school (2011) one year of work at doc. station (ZDF Enterprises), there own contributions for "Terra X" | 2012-2016 studies directing at ifs, degree Bachelor of Arts | 2014-2015 artistic assistant director with Hans Steinbichler and Franziska Meletzky, collaboration with casting and director's cut, among others

further projects

Artistic Assistant Director

Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank

2016 | Feature Film | 128 min.

Die Diplomatin – Entführung in Manila

2014 | Feature Film (ARD) | 90 min.

Das Dorf des Schweigens

2014 | Feature Film (ZDF) | 90 min.

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