Die Pantherin
© Anne Schultze-Lindemann


The night in a big city. A young woman walks lonely on a bridge, her gaze unfathomable. She stops, hesitates briefly, then jumps to her death without a second thought.

Under mysterious circumstances, Mara survives the jump and wakes up dazed in the hospital. The doctors are strangely restrained when she makes a call to her boyfriend Janis. Mara escapes home from the hospital, but she finds a completely changed apartment, where another woman has taken her place and throws Mara out of the apartment. Slowly it becomes clear that no one recognizes Mara, she seems to have completely "fallen out of the world." The jump did not kill her, but it undid her existence, her past. Disconnected from life, Mara roams the city. Inside a bridge, Mara finds shelter and the thuggish Tatyana advises her to quickly forget her old life. But Mara can't, she wanders around in her lost past, frantically trying to find a new entry. But is it possible to have something back that has actually long since passed?


  • - Television Crime Festival Wiesbaden 2018
    - New Renaissance Film Festival 2017 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Award for "Best Debut Film or Student Film" & nominated for "Best Actress"
    - 38th Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival 2017, Saarbrücken, Germany
    - 15th Dhaka International Film Festival 2017, Dhaka (Bangladesh)
    - 3rd Erie International Film Festival 2016, Erie (Pennsylvania, USA)
    - female short cuts 2016, Düsseldorf
    - Independent Film Festival 2016, Rome (Italy)
    - Hückelhoven Film Festival 2016
    - 27th Kinofest Lünen 2016, nominated in the competition "First Gang I"
    - Cutting Edge Film Festival 2016, Pompano Beach (Florida, USA)
© ifs


Saskia Rosendahl
Simone Müller
Felix Rech
Lilly Forgách

Still »Die Pantherin«
© Anne Schultze-Lindemann
Still »Die Pantherin«
© Anne Schultze-Lindemann
Still »Die Pantherin«
© Anne Schultze-Lindemann