Foto Prof. Dr. Joachim Friedmann

Prof. Dr. Joachim Friedmann

Professor Serial Storytelling


Screenwriter a. o. IN ALLER FREUNDSCHAFT (Bambi Audience Award) and LINDENSTRAßE (Golden Camera, Grimme Award)

+49 221 920188-0


Joachim Friedmann is a German screenwriter, comic writer, developer of online formats, and media scholar. He worked for popular TV series like »In aller Freundschaft«, »Die Camper«, »Der letzte Bulle (The Last Cop)«, and »Die Lindenstraße«. As a comic writer, he is the only German to write »Donald Duck« stories in English. He created the comics series »Lais and Ben« (Carlsen Publishing House) and wrote the comic adaptation of the TV movie »Mörderische Entscheidung« with Oliver Hirschbiegel. Another focus of his work is interactive, online-based formats and games. In this field, he was responsible for concept and storytelling of the transmedia project centering on the DFB mascot »Paule« and designed the award-winning interactive learning game »Die Schlaumäuse«. Since 2001, he has been teaching dramaturgy, series development, and series writing at the University of Hildesheim and at various film schools. In 2017 he became professor of Serial Storytelling at ifs internationale filmschule köln. Friedmann’s dissertation on »Transmedia Narrative: Narrative Design in Literature, Film, Graphic Novel and Game« was published in 2016, his textbook »Storytelling« (UTB) in 2019.



2019  In aller Freundschaft – Ganz in Weiß (90 Min. Special)

seit 2014  In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte 

2011  Der letzte Bulle 

2008  Klinik am Alex 

2007  Sekretärinnen 

Nominierung Grimme-Preis 2014

2006  Hinter Gittern

1999-2005  Die Camper

Nominierung Deutscher Comedypreis 2002, Nominierung Goldene Rose von Montreux 2002

2004  Nicht von dieser Welt 

2001-2004  Für alle Fälle Stefanie 

2003  Die wahren Abenteuer des Baron Münchhausen 

2001  Lupin III (Synchronbücher)

1997-2001  Lindenstraße 

Goldene Kamera 1998, Adolf-Grimme-Preis 2001)

Games & Online


2014  Paule

Autor und Konzepter für transmediales Portal des DFB-Maskottchens

2013  Schlaumäuse

u. a. ausgezeichnet mit »Digita 2013«; Microsoft Deutschand

2012-2013  Rakuns

Stiftung Kindergesundheit,

2012  Galileo Genial



1995-2003  Donald Duck 

1991  Mörderische Entscheidung

Adaption gem. mit O. Hirschbiegel

1990-1995  Lais und Ben 

1994-1997  Lindenstraße


»Narratives Crossing Boundaries. Storytelling in a Transmedial and Transdisciplinary Context«.

Ed. by Joachim Friedmann. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, 2023.

»Storytelling for Media. Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Narrative Design«.

by Joachim Friedmann. Stuttgart: utb GmbH, 2021

»Storytelling – Einführung in Theorie und Praxis narrativer Gestaltung«

by Joachim Friedmann. Stuttgart: utb GmbH, 2019

»Transmediales Erzählen – Narrative Gestaltung in Literatur, Film, Graphic Novel und Game«.

Ed. by Joachim Friedmann. Konstanz: UVK Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, 2016.

»Serial storytelling does not begin with the ›Sopranos‹ and ›Six Feet Under‹, but with the ›Odyssey‹ and the ›Mahabharata‹. Serial and epic storytelling is a trans-historic and transcultural phenomenon. On this basis, I will work together with the students to create contemporary and future-oriented serial formats, explore the possibilities of interactive and transmedia narrative, and show that artistic thinking and marketability are not mutually exclusive.«

Joachim Friedmann

Professor Serial Storytelling