Prof. Uli Hanisch

Prof. Uli Hanisch

Professor Production Design


Production Design for a. o. THE QUEENS GAMBIT (Golden Globe) and BABYLON BERLIN (a. o. German Television Award - Beste Ausstattung)

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Uli Hanisch, born in Nuremberg, grew up in the Ruhr area and initially worked as a graphic artist. In 1990 he began to design the films of Christoph Schlingensief. Shortly afterwards he worked with Helge Schneider. Hanisch supervises the films of many renowned directors such as Adolf Winkelmann, Sönke Wortmann, Max Färberböck, Andreas Dresen, Oliver Hirschbiegel and Leander Haußmann. Since 2009 Hanisch has also been working on American productions abroad. He has worked closely with Tom Tykwer for many years, including »Das Parfum« in 2005, for which he received several film awards, and the American production »The International« in 2007. He received his third German Film Award in 2012 for the production »Cloud Atlas«. In 2015, work begins on the historical series project »Babylon Berlin«, for which Hanisch also designs the new permanent outdoor backdrop »Neue Berliner Straße« in Babelsberg. Uli Hanisch has been a guest lecturer at all relevant film schools in Germany since 2001.



2020  Das Damengambit 

Golden Globe in der Kategorie »Best Television Limited Series, Anthology Series or Motion Picture Made For Television«

2017/18  Babylon Berlin 

u. a. Deutscher Fernsehpreis in der Kategorie »Beste Ausstattung«

2015  Timm Thaler 

2014  A Hologram for the King 

2012  In Secret 

2011  Cloud Atlas

Deutscher Filmpreis

2010  Hotel Lux 

2009  Drei 

2008  Season of the Witch

2007  The International 

2006  Das Parfum: Die Geschichte eines Mörders

Deutscher Filmpreis, Bayerischer Filmpreis, Europäischer Filmpreis

2003  Stauffenberg


2002  Das Wunder von Bern 

2001  Heaven 

2000  Das Experiment

Deutscher Filmpreis

1999  Der Krieger und die Kaiserin 

1997  Winterschläfer 

1996  Praxis Dr. Hasenbein 

1990  Das Deutsche Kettensägenmassaker

»The world becomes a stage for the stories we tell. Space and place are defined by their narrative demands, provide the basis for the characters, and must remain true to the message. Everything that appears characteristic to us is possible. Production design is a partner to a central motivation and translates stance and purpose into a conscious design.«

Uli Hanisch

Professor Production Design