Sebastian Kellermann

Sebastian Kellermann

BA Film | VFX & Animation


VFX & Animation (a. o. CIRCUS IN TOWN)



SEBASTIAN KELLERMANN born 1994 in Wermelskirchen | grew up in Würselen near Aachen | 2009 first contact with 3D animation through school internship | 2012 internship in 3D during school holidays | 2013 A-levels, start of training as media designer digital & print, focus on 3D animation | 2016 start of studies in audiovisual media at HdM Stuttgart | 2017-2021 bachelor's degree in film / VFX & Animation at ifs | 2019 internship as layout and character animator at Red Parrot Studios

Further Projects

Animation- & Layout-Intern

2021 | Animated feature film | 84 min. | Goldener Spatz 2021

Directing & Animation

2017 | Animation film | 3 min.

2016 | Animation film | 2 min.

2016 | short film with implemented animated figures | 3 min.

"Turn off the TV, you already have square eyes!" I heard this sentence very often in my youth. But in reality it is completely impossible to get square eyes. But not in animated films. You can create anything, nothing is impossible. A platypus is supposed to secretly play video games without the boss noticing? Sure, no problem, I did it in the third semester! An elephant should experience an emotional drama in a Caligar-like city? My graduation film says hello! Every genre can be served, every world built, every character created as its own believable personality. A shoot with a real animal is neither needed nor would it be beneficial in this case. In an animated film, a reality is created that, in the best case, touches us in a different way than the real film could. That's why it's important for me to go through the world with not only alert but also square eyes.

Sebastian Kellermann

Alumnus | VFX & Animation

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