Seung-Hoon Rhee

Seung-hoon Rhee

MA 3D Animation for Film & Games



SEUNG-HOON RHEE - Born in Seoul, Republic of Korea (South Korea) in 1992.

Before joining the MA 3D Animation for Film & Games, Seung-Hoon worked as a video game technical artist.

While studying game engineering at Korea Polytechnic University, he was interested in bridging the gap between technology and art areas in Computer Graphics. So, he started his career as a technical artist at Electronic Arts Korea Studio. During the four years at the studio, he contributed to online game projects such as FIFA or the Need for Speed series.

To professionalize his perspective on 3D animation and to expand his knowledge from video games to other visual contents, he became a student in MA 3D Animation for Film & Games. He hopes to get various experiences on a new stage, outside of his home country.